He's Alive!, He's Alive!, He's Alive and I'm forgiven, heaven's gates are open wide!

A Poem, Pictures and a Song.....


The door to spring is open wide

and gentle breezes drift inside

To whisper to all the glad refrain

Spring had returned to earth again!

The door to spring discloses bowers

Of early Aprils lovely flowers

Arrayed in gossamer pastel hues

Pinks, orchids, yellow and blues.

The door to spiring shows emerald green

A carpeted meadown, hill and plain.

A mantle of velvet, fresh and clean.

So luch from April's silvery rain.

The door to spring lets in the song

Of birds returning all day long

To cheer each heard and sweetly acclaim....

Spring has returned to earth again!

RLIT0018_easter-angel_800pxMildred L. Jarrell

I have quite a collection of old postcards that I purchased from a man, many years ago in Greenwood, Louisiana.  He had a card for every holiday and occassion and sold them for a pretty fair price.  I remember I always wanted to find a good Halloween one. Those were rare.

Vintage easter card 2
I wanted to share this song with you by Mrs. Dolly Parton.  This is the untimate easter song to me.  I get goose bumps and cry when she sings it so y'all better get out your puffs plus.