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My book, From Farm to Market: Stories of Farmers & Artisans in the Carolina Piedmont, is filled with endearing stories, beautiful photographs and a sprinkling of recipes. Grab your copy at Amazon today!
Always grateful but far from perfect. Full-time wife, mother, and homemaker. Author, Artist, Pre-School Director. Come along with us as we spend our days on a 12-acre hobby farm making soap, bread, jam, jellies and relishes, raising sheep, spinning wool, and making candles and herbal remedies.

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Oh, what fun!! Do you knit, Lindy? I've just begun knitting for Christmas gifts this week. I always get the urge,to knit when the weather turns cool, but then I'm usually behind the ball already because my time is so limited. This year, I'm hoping to get all my handmade gifts made in the summertime while homeschooling is light. Does your new friend sell her beautiful wool?


Tanya, I have always admired people who get their Christmas gifts made or bought in the summer so that they can just enjoy the magical season when it arrives.
I have knitted before but my creations are a little funky. I'll leave it to the experts like you and my friend Kate. She does sell her yarn but not sure if she just sells the wool. You can find her here


I meant wool, not yarn. Sometimes, I type so fast on my Kindle I don't make sense. Thanks for the link, Lindy. I've always admired those people that create the gifts early as well, never been one of those, but hoping to start a new tradition this year 😀

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