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No Occupation


No Occupation

She rises at the break of day, and through her tasks she races.  She cooks the meal as best she may and scrubs the children's faces;
Schoolbooks, lunches, ribbons, too.  All need Consideration,
And yet the census man insists She has "no occupation"

When breakfast dishes are all done, She bakes a pudding , maybe;
She cleans the rooms up one by one, with one eye watching baby;
The mending pile she then attacks by way of variation,
and yet the census man insists She has "no occupation"

She irons for a little while, then presses pants for Daddy;
She welcomes with a cherry smile returning las and laddie;
A hearty dinner next she cooks (no time for relaxation)
and yet the census man insists She has "no occupation"

For lessons that the children learn, the evening scarce is ample;
to "Mother Dear" they always turn for help with each example;
In grammar and geography she finds her relaxation,
And yet the census man insists "She has no Occupation".

-Elsie Duncan Yale





Me and my 19 year old Mother

Words cannot tell what this old heart would say of her,
Mother - the sweetest and fairest of all.  Edgar A. Guest

Happy Mother's Day!




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I so love this poem. I am one of them. When pressed, I would say that I was 'at home.' It was always interesting to see the reactions of people. Many of the older people, especially men, would almost beam to see there was still one woman who was home with the kids. And that was in the eighties. I can't imagine there are very many now. Thanks so much for this affirmation.


Nan, I know what you speak of! Once, when I was at the grocery store and my children were much younger, a gentleman started talking to me about Staying Home. He was so happy with our decision that he insisted that I bring the whole family to his BBQ Joint in a little town called Bethany, Louisiana.(down the road from us at the time) He wanted to meet my husband and to treat us to a free meal. Funny how strangers will sometimes react to your 'life decisions'. Glad he spoke up, that was some fine BBQ!

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